Customer Success

Greene Tweed

Ethan Hill, IT Director for Greene Tweed

"DI helped us get started on the right path (with governance) in an efficient manner. If you are a SAP shop, I would not go to anyone else for Qlik expertise. The knowledge of SAP among the consultant staff at DI Squared is a tremendous value add. "

Hood Industries

Chad Miller, VP of Finance for Hood Industries

“If there is ever something I cannot figure out, with DI, I have a huge team of people behind me. DI Squared has been the most responsive consulting firm that I have ever worked with."


Aman Jain, Project Manager for Molex

"What sets DI apart from other consulting firms is their speed of execution. DI was able to complete a task in 50 minutes that another consulting firm could not complete…Their consultants are magicians."

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