Visualize your data discovery for better business decisions

Solve your data challenges. A major key to drive your business forward is making sure you have a long-term strategy to define your success.  With an integrated BI solution, you’ll be able to clarify and expedite how you categorize, direct, develop, and distribute data to your business units and we assist you from implementation to visualization. It allows you to grab all of the DMS data and merge it together with external sources like Google Analytics, vAuto, eLeads, etc., to create enterprise dashboards. Our clientele has come from various industries spanning from manufacturing and automotive to pharmaceutical. Within our partnership, we’ll provide you with coherent and flexible solutions to ensure that your business continues to move forward with the most effective strategies to uncover competitive advantage.

When it comes to data, knowledge is not only power, but profit. Let us help you extract profitable insights from your gold mine of data. Our consultants use their expertise and experience to analyze your business climate and design an integrated solution specifically for you.


The results? A simple, user-friendly way to visualize the numbers that are most relevant to your industry. This allows you to quickly spot inefficiencies, identify outliers, and compare performance across varying categories, products, or locations.

Creating a data-driven business landscape benefits every part of your organization, empowering employees to confidently make objective, informed decisions, take advantage of new opportunities, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Our job is to make it easy for you to get there.

Qlik Value Added Products

Qlik Insight Bot

Talk to your analytics with Qlik Insight Bot through messaging and collaboration tools.

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Interactive location lookup capabilities to pull mapping analytics and overlay with different categories of data.


Elevate data visualizations with Vizlib's fully customizable Qlik Sense extensions.


Create exceptional looking reports and effortlessly distribute them in a variety of formats including Microsoft Office.

Qlik Connector

Combine all of your data from different sources into one platform to see a full analysis of your business’ structure.

Qlik Data


Attunity Replicate

Accelerate the replication of your data across all major database platforms.

Attunity Enterprise Manager

Attunity Enterprise Manager is the unified command center that helps you incorporate, implement, and record your data pipelines across the enterprise.

Attunity Compose

Attunity Compose clarifies all details of data lake and data warehouse design, development, data loading, deployment and updates by automating all tasks.

Qlik Catalyst

A secure, go-to catalog filled with all data reports to easily access and analyze every piece of data.

Analysing data



Qlik Sense: Data Analytics

Qlik Sense is a one-of-a-kind data visualization app that empowers entire organizations to become data-driven. You can easily analyze the full range of your business’ data through the lens of sophisticated AI, uncovering invaluable insights to fuel your strategic business planning. Your departments can freely explore the entire range of BI use cases to discover new opportunities that will greatly improve their overall productivity and efficiency. Qlik Sense also allows you to not only combine data from various sources but also amplify your reporting using AI-powered suggestions and automation. Finally, feel secure knowing that you can confidently build and scale your business with powerful integrations and open APIs. It’s data made easy.

Data on a Touch Pad

Work With Our


EXPERT Consulting Services

We ensure that our clients receive not only the tools that their organization needs to succeed but also that all of their data is able to be visualized in an efficient and organized manner. Our experienced Qlik consultants are here to help our clients derive actionable insights from their data so they can improve decision making, cut costs, and identify new opportunities.​

  • Visualization: With Qlik and the web’s capabilities merged together, you’ll be able to visualize the complex relationships between your data in the form of graphs that have the ability to be integrated into formal reports.

  • Qlik widgets: Custom widgets can help you visualize your data in various ways.  Our team can guide you on how to best utilize this functionality to your company’s advantage. 1

Training and Workshops

As a certified Qlik training partner, we can provide you and your team with virtual or onsite training and workshops to help you leverage your data to create a lasting competitive advantage.

Management Services

We can always customize your support plan based on your specific needs, but for a monthly flat fee, you will receive 24/7 monitoring services for Qlik.

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The DI Squared Solution

Successful analytics are dependent on providing each business with their own unique solution. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most effective products that your business needs for a comprehensive analytical system. Your data is secure and highly-accessible, giving us the ability to reveal the best way for your business to operate and stay productive. We organize and lead the integration of new tools so that you can reach your business goals.

with Di Squared, You’ll be able to:

Establish ETL (extract, transform, load) processes to make data available

Access your data quickly

Integrate a solution to benefit each business unit

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From Our


"With DI Squared Qlik implementation best practices, we've met our project goal of implementing an enterprise-wide information management system with matured data infrastructure to provide accurate and timely analytics / metrics /reporting.


Our project included over 1,500 data tables, having trillions of data records, sourced from 10 major systems now integrated with Qlik, delivering analytics / reporting based on COE's needs, eliminating silos and significant collaboration achieved, and reducing dependence on IT".

Margo L. Hershberger, Director, Transformation and Information Management, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.

Don't Leave Your Data Dormant.

Partner with DI Squared and start getting the most out of your data today.

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